Cancer Relaxation Therapy

What's It Like?

What's It Like?
Sailboat PURE JOY
Your Light Snack

"like A Cradle" Article Telling How It Feels (New Haven Register July 24, 2011)

This Invitation is for You

All cancer survivors and cancer caregivers if you:

  • like the idea of being rocked gently in a cradle
  • can be here during our open hours
  • want to get rid of some stress

What Does It Feel Like?

Some said warmth, others loss of discomfort. Lightness, youthfulness, sense of free-ness. Some weep, some sleep. We have tissues, bottled water on hand to support the experience

How we do it

After you call (or your on-line request is verified) and pick a date, then arrive at the marina dock, you are assisted aboard (for your safety). You pick out a bed that appeals to you and recline fully clothed. If you need pillows to prop yourself up-we have them.

You get to rest for 1 hour after which you are escorted to the back deck where your light snack of choice awaits.

There may be others at that time joining you, relaxing. Similar to other forms of serious relaxation methods, mediation, yoga, or massage therapy, your time is respectfully quiet for you to receive the full benefit of the wave motion.

Any further questions? Give us a call: 860.889.3424

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