Cancer Relaxation Therapy

Sailboat PURE JOY

What's It Like?
Sailboat PURE JOY
Your Light Snack
HADO II Awaits to Melt Your Stress Away
HADO  II is a 36' Catalina Sailboat with 6 beds, a galley, and restroom. She's roomy enough to walk around inside, and we make the beds very cozy for relaxing, like 6 floating clouds!

The Relaxation Therapy is now available, on the listed dates, at Pilots Point Marina, South Yard 63 Pilots Point Road Dock E, BPR, Westbrook, CT. Please Call to Attend 860.889.3424.
We will list your Summer Seas Heroes of Hope who have made your Free Relaxation possible

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"Precious Passage: The Breast Cancer Journey from Rough Seas to Safe Harbor"