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You have our heartfelt gratitude for your donation. And excellent taste in Thank You gifts!
If you have yet to call or contact us on its availability, please do so now, because many of the pieces are one-of-a-kind and we want to make sure that you have donated towards a Thank You that is still available.
Additionally, we need to request shipping and will use the least expensive way to get your Thank You goodie to you. Call (860) 889-3424 8am-6pm EST M-F or email

You will receive a tax statement regarding your donation. Please make sure we have your complete address.

We have told you how many women with breast cancer your donation allow to participate in the research. On the sponsor card each woman will receive, you may choose how to make your donation known:
  • Anonymous
  • Mr/Ms. Smith
  • The Smith Company
  • In Honor of a Smith/other lost to breast cancer
  • Tribute to (specific/general)

We will let you know when your sponsor cards have been received.

Del Function, Inc. 501(c)(3) Nonprofit  since 1984 Public Charity EIN: 22-2553654

Our research has been concluded and published. 
We are providing free therapy from the research studied, 
all cancer survivors are welcome to inquire, come aboard, and enjoy.

Call for Info and our current Precious Passage Newsletter 860.889.3423