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Clymer Technologies Terrella 6 Gyro Sensor


Mystic company President Mark Clymer surprised Del Function’s breast cancer relaxation study crew with the donation of vital data equipment, at the end of their opening session, October 25th.

The UConn Health Center approved study focuses on stage III breast cancer women using gentle wave motion to reduce stress while relaxing aboard the Westbrook sloop HADO.

“We know that wave motion benefits the quality of life of breast cancer survivors; we needed the gyro sensor data equipment to show what kind of wave works best”, said Study Coordinator Carline Lutynski. Principal Investigator Dr. Scott Kurtzman praised the donation as “seeing the inherent goodness of people”.

Clymer Technologies donation will be marked with the green and silver Heroes of Hope pennant flown during all 2007 Del Function breast cancer research sessions.

Carline Lutynski, Program Director
Del Function, Inc.

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Our research has been concluded and published. 
We are providing free therapy from the research studied, 
all cancer survivors are welcome to inquire, come aboard, and enjoy.

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