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Nurse Needed For One-Day Feasibility Study

Nurse Position Specifications: Wave Motion Study

Experience with breast cancer at any stage. Ability to work in integrative research surroundings. CT Licensed, Degreed. Certification for Human Participant Protection a plus. (free online HHS/NIH-NCI certification.)

Job description:
Monitor breast cancer participants during research study. There will be a total of 16 breast cancer women attending the one day feasibility study, in groups of four, between 8 am and 5 pm.

To evaluate wave motion as a stress intervention for stage III breast cancer.

Therapeutic Wave Motion Stress Intervention: 4 breast cancer women, per session, at dockside aboard the sloop HADO lie fully clothed aberth for one hour to the relaxing Connecticut Sound wave motion. Deep relaxation from this experience may produce healthy stress relief through emoting or sleep. A snack will be served the women on the back deck at the end of the session.

Each breast cancer women will be evaluating the wave motion intervention before and after the session using a VAS and POMS forms. They have consented and understand the risks and benefits expected and have a brief of the study in brochure form. Soft soled shoes are required footwear for safety. There is no cost to the women.

Wave Motion Theory:
The natural motion invokes a cell memory experience where stress does not exist. Present stress becomes extinguished, similar to the aspect of encountering the sight of a sunset, lullaby from one’s infancy, belief that one’s debt is cancelled, scent of apple pie or caring touch in massage therapy.

Compensation: $250 Minimum

Further information: POCs:

Carline Lutynski Del Function Program Director 860.889.3424.
Principle Investigator: Scott Kurtzman 860.679.0200
Del Function, Inc. 382 Laurel Hill Ave., #46 Norwich, CT 06360

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Our research has been concluded and published. 
We are providing free therapy from the research studied, 
all cancer survivors are welcome to inquire, come aboard, and enjoy.

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