Cancer Relaxation Therapy

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Sailboat PURE JOY
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Help our boat serve breast cancer women and other cancer survivors year-round. Even pocket change is very special to us.       



1. Visit your local Charter Oak Federal Credit Union Bank and donate your pocket change to:
Del Function Project Precious Passage
2. Visit the new> PayPal Giving Fund for your donation of at least a $1
Search for Del Function nonprofit, click View on the right hand side
a. Choose Donate Now, on our page
b. under select amount indicate: Other Amount and type in just 1
c. a panel will drop down for you to click on: Donate Now with PayPal.
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We've been doing this program since 2006 under UConn Health Center and Waterbury Hospital. Last Summer we opened it to breast cancer women of all stages - just to come aboard and relax. No questionnaires, no requirements of being a particular stage of breast cancer diagnosis.
Check out the What's It Like Page to see what they had to say about it.

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"Precious Passage: The Breast Cancer Journey from Rough Seas to Safe Harbor"